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Kellogg Leadership for Community Change (KLCC) was launched by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation in 2003 to promote and nurture collaborative leadership in communities across the country. Crossing Boundaries, Changing Communities, is a core philosophy of KLCC, urging the inclusion of non-traditional leaders from diverse backgrounds in the collective decision-making processes of their communities.

The inaugural session of KLCC, which focused on teaching and learning, officially ended in winter 2005, though each of the six participating program sites received a continuation grant from the Foundation and will extend their KLCC work through 2006. To learn more about Session I: view the video, read our newsletter, or choose other KLCC Session I options.

Session II of KLCC launched in spring 2005. Five sites from around the country were chosen to participate in the session, which is focused on advancing youth-adult partnerships for community change. To learn more about the five program sites: visit KLCC Session II or consult the newsletter.

This Web site aims to be a virtual knowledge center where the best practices, approaches, and lessons of the KLCC program sites can be gathered and exchanged by community leaders from diverse backgrounds across the globe—including those in both formal and informal positions, leadership professionals, scholars, journalists and lay persons. We hope that the information exchanged here will assist in the improvement of communities far beyond the KLCC program sites and, therefore, invite you to return frequently.

If you have questions or comments, please direct them to: webmaster@klccleadership.org.

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